A Look at Some Common Bat Removal Procedures

Is it legal to use a bat removal process in your home? Unfortunately, while many homeowners enjoy the benefits of using a bat control method, there are still a few areas where using the process will result in you being charged with a crime. Unfortunately, if you were to bring a bat into your home, even if it is a service bat specialist who has been hired by your landlord or building management company, or even if you have a professional service bat specialist on site, you can still be charged with a crime. Here are some areas where you might find a crime is being committed.

Outside Pest Control Companies: While many professional pest control companies are now offering bat elimination services, and in fact many homeowners are calling them for advice and assistance, some are not. These infestations often start in the garage or beneath the porch. In many cases, you won’t even know there is an infestation until you go up on the ladder one morning, only to find stacks of bats on the floor. Bat Removal will migrate from their old roosting locations once they feel the cold coming upon them, and once they have moved, they are extremely hard to get rid of. Unfortunately, the safest way of getting rid of bats in your home is also both legal and safe for the local bats – none of the methods used by pest control companies are kill them in an illegal manner.

House Owner’s Insurance Policy: If you are in a rental property, homeowners insurance may cover the cost of bat removal services as long as certain stipulations are met. For example, the insurance company will pay for all incidental damage, which can include anything caused by the bats flying into your windows and irritating you. You will also be covered if your bat removal process results in harming the bats themselves or any other pets or residents of the structure. Be sure to check your policy carefully before proceeding with bat removal, especially if the infestation is widespread.

Rabies Treatment: While bats are not known to carry rabies, it is important that you confirm this with a veterinarian in your area or an animal shelter. If you suspect you have bat damage, call your local animal control services office immediately and ask for advice on how to remove bats from your home or attic. Professional bat removal services use a variety of methods to euthanize bats that have taken up residence in attics, but there is a more humane way. bat ladders and bat extractors are safe, effective alternatives to lethal pesticides.

Exclusion: If you cannot obtain all of the bats yourself, or if you are experiencing an infestation in your attic, you should contact a professional bat removal service to inspect the situation and determine the best way to eliminate the bats. Exclusions are usually used to keep bat colonies contained, without using any form of toxic or dangerous pesticides. An exclusion technique may be implemented where bats are found throughout your house, or in certain areas of your yard, like your garage or cellar. Bats are trapped and removed using a high-pressure air hose. Exclusions may also be implemented by building a perimeter fence, electrifying it, or sealing off the entrances to the property. If the bat colony has taken up residence inside your home or building, or has been seen to travel through your attic, professional bat extraction services will utilize bat control devices to seal any weak spots.

Professional bat removal services utilize methods such as bat suctioning and bat extraction to suck the bats out of the attics or caves. This process works best when the bats are hanging upside down, allowing the rescuers to suck them out using powerful suction. Once they are sucked out, the rescuers will then seal the opening with insecticides or a pesticide. The insects will then die within a few days, preventing future generations from gaining entry into your home. Bats are a valuable natural resource and having them removed is only one way that you can help conserve our precious wildlife. In fact, bats play an important role in many ecosystems because they eat pests and disrupt bird populations.