Comprehending the donts of head of hair extensions

At, you will definitely get to learn more about the donts with regards to the hair extensions. The following are 1001extension review (1001extension avis) a number of them:

Do not a single thing excessively

You do not have to use any items that are greasy, specially towards the top where head of hair along with the extension are bonded. You will need to keep away from serums or whatever is greasy, mainly because they will disintegrate the connection that exists in the extension.

Avoid going insane together with the toned steel

It is okay to make use of the curling iron along with level iron on your own extension, but you must keep in mind that, that is certainly not your organic head of hair, so it may be in a position to burn like your your hair. It is not suitable for any flat steel to travel above 380 levels as 350 is viewed to get an ideal area.

You have to do not forget that, a number of the curling irons may go around 500 levels and you shouldn’t go there. Also there is not any will need that you can pause over a specific locks portion with all the toned iron. The metal needs to glide via hair really quick, which can make the injury to be about the minimal.

Stay away from over-cleansing it

If you have extensions, it is important that you steer clear of over-shampooing it and keeping away from any fatty items. The simplest way to care for your extension would be to wash your hair frequently and once you clean it, you must wash the head as well as the comes to an end thoroughly however you should steer clear of middle of the shaft of your head of hair.