How Do Artists Make Money From NFTs?”

With NFT Music Stream, investors finally have a way to invest in the music and artists they love through the magic of Web3. NFT Music Stream has developed their own token known as $STREAM which allows investors to directly interact with the audio art they love. On the musician side, they’re making it easy for musicians to directly monetize their following and get involved with web 3 technology. They really answer the question of “How do artists make money from NFTs?”.

An important note on NFT Music Stream… This is not an NFT project selling promises or ideas. They’ve spent over a year developing their platform and thousands of hours of work making it just right. The platform already exists and is ready to stream! In addition, there are rumors of a second version of the streamer coming out soon, which is extremely exciting and promises many new features that haven’t been released yet. If you’re just now hearing about NFT Music Stream, it’s not too late to get involved! In fact, they’ve even secured a highly sought after web 3 domain name in preparation for the second version.
To understand why this MUSIC NFTS project is so interesting, it helps to start with a zoomed out perspective. NFT technology will revolutionize the music industry because it fundamentally challenges the status quo. Let us explain: the music industry is full of fancy businessmen in suits, record labels, and bureaucracy that stands between the artists (who are actually creating the value) and the fans/consumers, who are enjoying the product (the product being music). The net result of this is fans and audiences paying lots of money, with the artists getting very little financial return and being distant from their audiences, separated by a sort of corporate buffer.