How to ensure that rundle32.exe is not a threat

Rundll32.exe is an executable file on a computer hard drive. The file has a machine code, and if you open the software Backdoor.W312.Ranky on your machine, the rundll32.exe commands get executed in your PC. For this reason, the file gets loaded in the RAM (main memory), where it runs as the Backdoor.W32.Ranky process.
In many scenarios, the process is safe. It’s rare for it to cause any harm to your machine’s system. The location of the rundll32.exe is in a folder after downloading it from
Since there are no threats associated with the program, there are a few incidences where spyware uses it for ill motives. Spyware uses the same file to run a different directory where viruses disguise themselves as files with the same names. To keep your machine safe from this, here is what you need to do now.
Open the task manager by right clicking on the taskbar and selecting task manager.
If you are using windows 7, select the process tab. For Windows 10, select the details tab from the task manager window. You will now be able to see the rundll32.exe programs running on your machine.
Right click on the rundll32.exe programs running and choose the Open File Location.
Make sure the location file reads C:/Windows/Systems32/rundll32.exe.
If the file location is directing you to a different folder, for example, it points to a folder with your user’s name, be keen. You need to run a full virus test on your PC to spot any possible viruses in your machine. In rare situations, you will find a virus disguised as rundl132.exe that replaces “l” with a number “1”. If you find such a file, right click on it and delete. Run a full scan again to see any suspicious program left.