Learning About the Various Types of Cannabis

There are many types of cannabis. Each one has their own distinctive flavor and smell that cannot be mistaken for any other type. However, if you are a grower who is just starting out and simply looking to understand the differences between types of cannabis and to know which strains are the best for you, then you should focus on two main categories. These two categories are sativa and indica.
Of the three major types of cannabis, ( indica, sativa and hybrid), indica is perhaps best known for its calming effects. This makes it different from sativa which is otherwise known to be extremely stimulant. Hybrids, as a cross breed of two different strains is a cross breed, so this means that they are also a combination of two different strains. The female cannabis plant produces an abundance of seeds in the female part of the plant called the globular calypsis flower. These flowers become the male flowers and will produce new seeds every four weeks during the growing season.
Sativa is what most people would think of when they think of cannabis. This is the strain that is most often used for recreational purposes such as getting high, smoking and cooking with. Sativa is actually a Latin word meaning “passive”, and refers to a type of cannabis that remains green during flowering. This means that the plant will not have any active extracts during the flowering stage, so there is no need for any pesticides during this time. Most sativas do not cross pollinate, which is another reason for them being so highly successful.
Hybrid cannabis has been created by crossing certain strains of a specific cannabis species with another variety or species. This creates a new plant that has one or more desirable traits from both parent plants. Some examples of hybrid marijuana plants include Catachines, hybrids between Cappuccino and Arabica, and crosses between Saint Paul and Microprocessor. Some of these hybrid strains have led to the creation of new hybrids with traits from all three of the parent plant species. Hybrid plants can be farmed and produced commercially, but there are also many breeders out there who are creating new hybrid strains to increase their crop. For those who want to grow this way, it can take a while to find the right strains to suit their individual needs.
There are also many Types of Cannabis that vary greatly in appearance and quality. Most commonly known types of cannabis are English, French and Brazilian, although there are others to come. These plants are grown for their colour, aroma and taste, as opposed to other more popularly known species of cannabis. In many cases, the only way to harvest large amounts of the plant is to grow it yourself in large outdoor garden beds; this makes the plant very easy to care for.
Some people have very difficult allergies and are unable to consume certain varieties of cannabis due to the nature of the chemicals contained within. The good news is that there are many different varieties of medicinal cannabis that contain only natural ingredients, without any side effects. Sufferers should consult their doctor before they start consuming anything to ensure they do not suffer any negative side effects. Regardless of whether you choose an indoor or outdoor option for growing your favourite plants, it is important to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of each method and find which one suits you and your personal lifestyle best.