Music and human health, an overview

Would you believe that a song warehouse (gudang lagu) can help you recover from some physical and mental issues? Most people are getting benefitted by music without their knowledge. Music can do wonders with the following issues in a human.
Stress relief – You would have noticed some changes in your mindset after listening to music for a few minutes. For instance, you would come home with a lot of mental stress due to your office works. However, if you spend some time with your favorite music, you will feel refreshed and will be ready to spend time with the family. Unknowingly, music does something inside our mind to delete our stresses and provide freshness to concentrate on other works. So, you can even try listening to soothing music during your drive back home.
Improved memory – In experiments conducted with music, some results show that those who listen to music experience improved memory power than those who do not. For instance, you can learn faster and can remember for a longer period if you do it with music. You will take longer to study the same thing without music. Although it may seem illogical, it is a result of some experiments.
Mental relaxation – Sometimes, you will not feel well mentally even without any reason. You can come out of this restlessness with the help of music as it offers mental relaxation.
Pain relief – Your mental stress is related to your pain in the body. So, if you can get some distraction from this stress, you will not feel that much pain. Hence, listening to music can help in pain relief also to a smaller extent.
Alzheimer’s recovery – Those who are affected by Alzheimer’s disease will not have the memory of their past events. However, some rare cases have shown recovery of the memory of certain events because of music.