The Services Offered by Residential Security Services

If you are a landlord or someone else renting residential property, you may need Residential Security Services to protect your property. These services are also available for retirement homes and other commercial properties. In most cases, the basic offer is the same as that offered for commercial properties. You will have access to professionally trained operators who are familiar with the latest technology in alarms and emergency response.
When you contract with residential security services, you will be provided with a qualified team of emergency response officers and police officers. Depending on what area you live in, there may be specific needs for particular types of officers. They usually consist of uniformed personnel who have been trained in various police tactics and who have undergone background checks. Some services may also include uniformed personnel who are armed.
Typically, residential security services provide the following services: 24-hour safety and security monitoring; emergency dispatch of police and fire; access to police records; access to criminal databases; emergency response to medical emergencies; and the provision of escorts to residents. Most services also offer emergency response to thefts in the property. The officers will notify the appropriate agencies in the area and assist them in containing the situation until the authorities arrive.
Additional services that are offered by residential security services include: access to high-rise steel complexes, such as those found in major North American cities such as New York, Chicago and Houston; and the control of access to high-rise apartment buildings, such as those found in San Francisco’s SoMa neighborhood. In some instances, officers provide access to private pools, clubhouses and other amenities. For high-rise steel complexes and other multi-building complexes, these officers provide a controlled access code to all tenants.
patrol services that are provided by many residential security services are patrol bike patrols, which are usually two-wheeled vehicles that are outfitted with standard bicycles and sirens. These patrol bike patrols usually go at the expense of paying for commercial vehicle service. If a residential community does not have bike patrols, a few of them may provide bicycle patrols at a small cost.
Neighborhood patrols are also an integral part of most residential security services’ patrol services. In some instances, residential security services will deploy teams of officers who live in the neighborhood and visit locations where break-ins occur. These patrols are usually deployed in high-crime neighborhoods or high-dollar areas, and they are composed of specially trained members of the patrol team, who are then dispatched to areas where residential security needs are at greatest risk.