Understanding the Risks and Rewards of Feeding Raw Cat Food


Pet cats are obligate carnivores, and therefore their diet plan must consist of beef so that you can meet up with all their nutritious requires. For that reason, cats do very best when they’re nourished a diet plan made up of raw or minimally refined food. If you’re contemplating changing your cat into a raw food diet plan, on this page are the numerous advantages you will definitely see.

Better Digestive function

raw cat food (貓生肉糧)
with a raw food diet plan normally have better digestion than kitties over a business animal food diet. This is because raw beef features far more nutrients and vitamins and nutrients than made or refined lean meats, rendering it easier for cats to destroy down and soak up the nutrients and vitamins from their food. Additionally, raw diets contain much more normal water than dry kibble diet programs, that helps kitties stay hydrated and helps prevent digestion irritated.

Far better Nutrient Absorption

Raw meals also contain much more bioavailable vitamins and minerals than cooked or refined family pet meals, which means that pet cats can process much more of these important nutrients using their food. This can help be sure that your cat is getting all the nutrients he requirements for total wellbeing and wellness. Additionally, given that kittens and cats don’t generate many crucial nutritional vitamins by themselves (like vit c), they depend upon the vitamins seen in their food as a way to function effectively.

Improved Epidermis & Coat Wellness

Raw diets are also good for skin area and layer health due to greater degrees of omega-3 fatty acids found in raw lean meats like fish and chicken breast. These fatty acids help in keeping skin healthier by reducing inflammation and looking after moisture content levels. Additionally they help in keeping coats shiny by offering proteins foundations that assist make fur strong and resilient.


Feeding your cat a raw food diet provides quite a few benefits for both quick-expression and long-term well being. It could enhance food digestion, nutritional absorption, epidermis well being, layer wellness, levels of energy, total vitality—and far more! Obviously it’s crucial that you speak with the vet before you make any key modifications to the cat’s diet plan however if you decide that giving your cat a raw food diet plan suits him/her then you’re guaranteed to see some amazing results! Raw feeding is surely an incredibly gratifying expertise for you and your cat—so why not give it a go?